Posted on 16/04/2020


Outplacement Services

By Sureeporn Thumvachiraporn

The world has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a severe economic downturn globally. Many companies have implemented a work-from-home policy to support a social distancing campaign which will assist a country and its government to contain the virus and reduce the burden on its healthcare system by flattening the curve that the pandemic increases by. In many cases these companies will be forced to reduce the numbers of their staff and / or salaries to survive. Those affected companies which have to lay off staff during these unfortunate times may find it useful to engage an outplacement service both from the perspective of assisting their redundant employees as well as protecting their own images. 

What is an outplacement service? 

Laying off employees might be the last option a company would prefer to choose, but sometimes, it is inevitable. With assistance from professionals in the outplacement industry, companies and businesses can be assured that redundant employees will be well taken care of, resulting in a smooth career transition for them. 

The employees that are being laid off will be coached through the transition period to ensure that they understand their own strengths and weaknesses with respect to their next job applications. They will also be guided through each step of the job application process so that they will have a better opportunity of succeeding with any existing job openings in the market. That is, they are professionally taken care of after being let go. 

How does a company benefit from an outplacement service? 

It is very common nowadays that information relating to a company letting go of its employees is posted on social media. As you know, news travels fast and especially bad news. It is recommended that a company be straightforward about the decision it has made. However, emphasizing that the employees that are let go of will go through an outplacement service process funded by their previous employer company will assist in painting a good picture of the company’s reputation as it indicates how much the company cares about both its existing and previous employees when faced with difficult situations of this nature. 

RSM Outplacement Solutions offer a number of different tailored programs to meet a company's specific needs. For both group and individual sessions, through to the choice of different psychometric assessments and coaching alternatives our aim is to offer a cost effective outplacement solution and to make a difficult time in your organization’s development run as smoothly as possible. For more information please contact us: +66 (02) 670 9002-6 or email: askus@rscruitment.com