Posted on 28/05/2020

THE CRY ACROSS Thailand these days is that we have plenty of work to do but not enough trained people to do it.  We won’t solve this problem and we should be taking on unskilled people and training them up to solve the long-term problem.  In the meantime, you need to consider how you might keep the good people you have.  Employees are like customers to your business and, in much the same way as you need to differentiate yourself to customers, so too must you differentiate yourselves to potential and existing employees.  Below are some examples of what you can do:

Allow flexible working hours including for example, slightly longer daily working hours for a rostered day off each fortnight.

Allow additional holidays by, for example, enabling employees to take slightly less pay each week for an extra week’s leave.

Carry out regular performance reviews, including career planning, to ensure you provide positive feedback and opportunities for advancement within the organisation.

Provide opportunities for your team to be involved in community activities to build team morale and your brand.

Involve your employees in feedback and brainstorming to work out ways to remove their frustrations in the workplace.

Source and provide external training to ensure they stay current (and have opportunities to promote your organisation as a great employer!).

Allow staff, if possible, to work from home fully or partially.

Invest in technology and processes to allow staff to work from home or at alternative locations which can only translate into your staff to become precious assets during disaster times such as COVID-19 due to the added digital and other skills they have acquired to adapt quickly to any scenario at short notice. 

Having Difficulty Finding Good Staff?

REMEMBER, YOUR STAFF SOCIALISE and are likely to mix with people similar to themselves.  Why not offer an incentive for them to attract a new person to your firm?  We have heard of incentive payments being made to existing staff for good introductions up to as high as USD$2,000.  If you compare this with employment agency fees, it’s a bargain.  Include a condition that the employee stays with the firm for a minimum period.  We understand from some competitor recruitment agency Thailand staff that their companies charge in excess of 30% for their services which highlights the benefits of persuading your own staff to introduce their friends to your organisations.