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How do I address the … dreaded … “what are your weaknesses?” question.

In short, the interviewer simply wants to ensure the candidate has the right ‘behaviours’ and skillset for the job, for example, will this person be good at problem-solving? Will they work well in a team situation? Do they have an eye for detail? We suggest you avoid that terrible word “weakness” and euphemise it with “an area for improvement”. Choose a skill you may not actually directly need in the position you’re applying for, like languages. Also mention you are trying to change your weakness into a strength by doing, e.g. a night course once a week in English, to show you are actively making an effort.

How many pages should my CV be?

Essentially, your CV, depending on your years of experience shouldn’t be any more than 3 pages. Keeping in mind that an interviewer / HR Manager could have 200-300 job applications on their desk at any given time and only 10 seconds to decide on which ones are good enough to go to the “Must Interview” pile.

What do I need to put in a resignation letter?

Essentially, it should be kept brief and professional. Even though it may feel like a good opportunity to, this is not the best time to air any pent-up feelings or anger towards others or the company as a whole. Keep it formal, straightforward and concise. If you feel appropriate, state your reason for leaving and also may be valuable to mention your final date (keeping in mind of course your contract obligations). You may also wish to express a few words of thanks,, however try to keep it brief and to the point.