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RSM Thailand’s outplacement Bangkok program adopts some of the key elements of a standard career transition product, but is more focused on the ultimate goal of finding new jobs for recently laid off employees. Utilizing the core strengths of RSM Thailand’s current services, namely it’s market leading recruitment company RSM Recruitment (Thailand) Limited and its Corporate Legal Division, RSM Thailand is uniquely placed to both advise ex-employees on available positions in the market and employers on the legal requirements associated with downsizing their staff levels.

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Downsizing of employees can often be harmful and costly to both the employee and the employer. From the employee’s point of view, losing one’s job is ranked third amongst life’s most stressful situations and whilst redundancy money (severance) can assist the ex-employee during their search for a new role, a well designed and implemented Outplacement program can make the transition to a new job both more acceptable, successful and very often more rapid.


Using RSM’s Outplacement services can help a company:

  • Avoid legal problems: Employees are far less likely to sue for unfair dismissal if they are provided with a quality career transition program.
  • Maintain a positive public image: Providing outplacement services to terminated employees reduces the likelihood of  ‘criticism’ to the media or amongst their circle of friends.
  • Maintain good relations with terminated employees. Since ex-employees very often remain in the same industry keeping on good terms with them for future business dealings can prove invaluable.
  • Improved employee morale and productivity. A company that demonstrates that it cares about its past employees will always be perceived well by the surviving employees who continue to work with the company.


RSM’s Outplacement services focus on four keys stages in a terminated employee’s transition to a new job:

  • Acceptance: Coming to terms with being out of work. Every year thousands of people are made redundant but most go on to find more challenging, rewarding and better paid jobs. The key to this phase of the program is reinforcing to the individual that it is his/her job that has become redundant, not them personally.
  • Counseling: Assisting the employee in understanding/confirming their key strengths and specific talents in relation to their chosen career. A number of assessment tools are employed at this stage to help an individual indentify what roles best match their personality and strengths. Our goal is to help the individual identify his/her core skills so that they can better focus their job search efforts. We work exclusively with the local licensee of a world renowned psychometric assessment tool.
  • Preparation: Developing a quality resume, cover letter and advising on self-presentation skills are key to this stage of the program. Individuals are advised how to best present themselves ‘on paper’ so as to maximize their chances of securing a job interview and are then advised as to how to make the best impression once in front of a prospective employer.
  • Job search: As one of the top executive search firms in Thailand, RSM Recruitment (Thailand) Limited is well placed to advise on the available vacancies in the market. RSM Recruitment (Thailand) Limited will in many cases be able to refer candidates to companies before a vacancy is announced. For the duration of the program Candidates are assigned a professional recruitment consultant to provide advice and manage the job search process.


RSM Outplacement Solutions offer a number of different tailored programs to meet a company’s specific needs. For both group and individual sessions, through to the choice of different psychometric assessments and coaching alternatives our aim is to offer a cost effective outplacement solution and to make a difficult time in your organisation’s development run as smoothly as possible. For more information please contact us:

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